Non-profits are welcome to participate in the St. Nicholas Market at no charge. You will need to supply your own table(s).

Non-profits meet the following requirements:

  • local church or mission (no special interest or advocacy)
  • non-profit (501c3)
  • you are responsible for all sales (including credit card) at your table(s)

Table Space
8-ft. table(s)
6-ft table(s)

Location will be determined by application date and Market Committee assignment.

Please note that there is no electrical outlet available for vendors and the kitchen is not available for use.

Vendor is responsible  for anything needed for set up, including tables. We will provide up to two chairs for each space or table. Please make sure table coverings go to the floor on sides on view to the public. Your vendor set up must fit in your assigned table space(s).

Fill out the non-profit application online below. We must have your organization information to participate. Deadline for non-profit applications: September 22, 2023. 

Any questions? Contact us at

St. Nick Vendor Non-profit Application

Please describe the items you will sell in your vendor space at the St. Nicholas Market.
Can you help promote the St. Nicholas Market?
Check all that apply. We will supply promotion materials needed.
Price: $0.00
Price: $0.00