Thank you for your interest in being a vendor at the St. Nicholas Market. Please read through the terms and conditions before you apply. By submitting your application to be considered as a vendor in this year's market, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed below.

If you are a non-profit organization, please apply here.

(Please download a copy of the terms and conditions here.)

Vendors must be one of the following:

  • artist
  • artisan
  • crafter
  • selling unique or handmade items
  • local business with handmade or unique items

1. The St. Nicholas Market at Christ Episcopal Church in Downtown Temple, TX, is an annual juried arts and crafts show with a limited number of available indoor booth spaces inside the Church. The cost of vendor space is $1.25 per square foot and is due upon acceptance by the Christ Episcopal Church Committee. For example, a 10x10 vendor space would cost $125. The Market does NOT provide tables. However, we do provide space for vendor-provided tables. Space for a 6-foot table is $35, and an 8-foot table is $50.

2. This year, we are adding 10x10 spaces (or approximately 100 square feet) for an outdoor Market on Saturday ONLY. Each 10x10 outdoor space is $50, regardless of whether it is located on the Church grounds or in our fenced-in Community Garden area on Main Street (directly across the street from the Church). Spaces are "first come, first serve" starting Friday morning, as early as Vendors want to arrive. They will be marked with spray paint except in the Church Courtyard area, which will be marked with painter’s tape. Vendors can pick any available spot. The outdoor one-day event will be "rain or shine” - there will be no refunds for inclement weather. Vendors do not have to have a tent, but if you do, the Church will not provide stakes or sandbags to secure your tent. Please note that for Outdoor Vendors, Christ Episcopal Church will not provide Security except for traffic control. As such, the Church is not liable for any theft or damage. During unloading and loading, you cannot impede traffic on Main Street, or any other street surrounding the Church. Some of the following applies to Outdoor Vendors unless otherwise noted.

3. The St. Nicholas Market Committee will judge applicants as part of the jury process on the quality, variety, and potential popularity of the applicant's items. All items for sale must be handmade by the vendor. Except for jewelry, any manufactured, pre-purchased, direct sales, and "fair trade" items are not allowed unless the vendor is designated as Non-Profit status. The ultimate decision of the Committee is based on whether the vendor and his/her items will bring value and variety to the Market. As such, the Committee's deliberations are subjective and final. Each applicant is required to submit five (5) photos: one of your booths showing your displays and four (4) items, either group of items or singular, that you will be selling. The photos should be clear and show your items' best features.

4. Prospective vendors should indicate on their application the category (or categories) their items fall into, as well as specifically, what items in that category they plan to sell at the Market. As an example, if you select the category "Baked Goods," your application must state explicitly what types of baked goods and the unique features of your items, such as meat-filled kolaches, fruit-filled kolaches, fruit-filled pastries, donuts, cookies (what flavors), hand decorated cakes, bundt cakes, pies (flavors), gluten-free, etc. You must be specific! This will preclude multiple vendors from having the same type of items for sale. It will give our customers the greatest variety possible and more sales for vendors!

5. Vendors are not guaranteed exclusivity in their category. Given the timing of the Market, it is likely that some vendors will be selling similar items. But Vendors should showcase their one-of-a-kind creations, which are uniquely different by nature, such as wreaths or centerpieces.

6. Except for food truck vendors, homemade food items are prohibited unless prewrapped and clearly labeled. Please do not use generic contents or ingredients on the labels. Be specific as to what ingredients are in the item. No food may be made on the Church premises unless it is for an approved demonstration in the kitchen. All vendors selling food items must comply with all state and "cottage home bakery" regulations.

7. The Vendor agrees to conform to all State of Texas and local rules and regulations governing taxes, craft shows and those specific to the items they are selling, if applicable, such as those governing the Cottage food industry. Each Vendor is responsible for their sales. We encourage each Vendor to take credit card sales, but it is not required.

8. Booths and vendor spaces may not be shared by more than two (2) businesses or crafters.

9. The Market Committee will determine indoor booth locations, which will be located throughout the Church, except the Sanctuary. Every effort will be made, but not guaranteed, to assign the Vendor the same space as previous markets or, if a new vendor, a specific space requested by the Vendor. Vendors will find their booth location for indoor spaces and booths when they arrive for check-in and set up on Thursday morning. At that time, no changes can be made unless the Market Chairperson approves. For outdoor vendors, spaces are "first come, first serve."

10. If you have any special requirements or requests, please note them as such on your application.

11. Electricity or a power supply will not be provided unless the exhibitor has indicated on their application that they must have electricity for their item and/or display and why. Due to the limited number of electrical outlets, not all vendors will be guaranteed electricity. No electricity will be provided to outdoor vendors.

12. All signage must be professionally produced. Handwritten signage, including those with prices, is prohibited, except for handwritten menu boards.

13. Indoor Vendors will be allowed to begin set-up on Thursday morning, October 31st, time TBD. If you plan to set up on Friday before the 1st day, you must indicate so on the application. Set up on Friday can start at 7:30. All booths must be set up and vendors ready to go 30 minutes before each day's opening time, i.e., 9 AM. Outdoor Vendors cannot set up until Saturday morning, as early as you want to get to the Church and grab your space.

14. For set up on Thursday, Indoor Vendors may park in the Church's back parking lot on the corner of West Calhoun and 1st St. Upon arriving, Vendors should first check in with a Market Committee member or Volunteer to find your assigned booth/space. We will have Volunteers to help you unload your inventory and displays on Thursday. However, if you set up Friday before the 1st day, we will not be able to assist you. Please bring your cart, dolly, or wagon, if possible.

15. On Market days, Friday and Saturday, all Vendors must park in the Cadence Bank parking lot, which is on the corner of West Downs and 1st Street, next door to the North end of the Church. The first row closest to the Bank is reserved for Bank employees, but Vendors can park in any of the other spaces. No Vendors, including outdoor Vendors, can park in any location other than the Cadence Bank parking lot on Friday and Saturday during the Market. The exception to this is if you have an authorized handicap sticker or license plate. In that case, you may park in the designated handicapped parking spaces in the back of the Church.

16. If your indoor booth has wall space, you may use the wall to display your items, but only with Command strips. No nails or permanent hanging materials are allowed.

17. The Market does not provide tables. All Vendor-provided tables must have a solid color tablecloth, or Christmas plaid, that goes to the floor on all sides and is visible to the public. Tablecloths must not be wrinkled. Vendors may attach any commercially generated sign to the front of a tablecloth. All backup inventory and boxes must be stored under the tables and not publicly visible.

18. Displays, tables, and chairs may not intrude into the aisle (or sidewalks for outdoor Vendors). Indoor Vendor booth spaces will be marked with blue painter's tape on the floor on the day of set up, and each vendor must stay within the allotted space to include chairs. Two chairs per indoor Vendor space will be provided. Please note on the application if you need more than two chairs. Chairs will not be supplied to Outdoor Vendors.

19. The Vendor agrees to keep their booth space or tab open the entire market unless they sell out of inventory. In that case, notify the Committee Chair so a "Sold out" sign can be placed in their booth. Any Vendor who leaves before 4 PM either day, unless they have sold out and notified the Market Chair, will not be invited back for the 2025 St. Nicholas Market.

20. Vendors must remove all their belongings, including displays, by 5PM on the market's last day. We will have volunteers to help you load your inventory, display it on dollies/carts, and transport it to your vehicle.